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  1. Tonight is opening night and I’m going to be there at Midnight front row. It is an awesome show which I saw for the first time last year, the first time seeing the live show and I applaud you. See you tonight!!!!

  2. Once again a new twist AND a great opening weekend with terrific high energy at both shows. You continue to show that life truly begins with “just a jump to the left” What fun doing a group time warp again.

    Kudos all around

    PS: Is the reason you change themes each year is because you have stock in Evangelines? (just kidding, although I did tell them when checking out that their prominent Steampunk display was so “Last Year” & to showcase Art Deco to support your show)

    • Unfortunately, because of the nature of the show, we must uphold a strict 18-and-over policy. We look forward to seeing you next year, though!

  3. Is there anyway to buy tickets at the location if the tickets are out of stock online? I was looking forward to attending this evening 🙁

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