The Robber Bride Groom 2017 

This bluegrass fairy tale is loaded with innuendo, mistaken identities and wacky hijinx – and it’s one of the only genuine bluegrass scores ever heard in a Broadway musical.

Set in eighteenth-century Mississippi, the show follows Jamie Lockhart, a rascally robber of the woods, as he courts Rosamund, the only daughter of the richest planter in the country. The proceedings go awry, however, thanks to a case of double-mistaken identity. Throw in an evil stepmother who’s intent on Rosamund’s demise, her pea-brained henchman and a hostile talking head-in-a-trunk, and you have a rollicking country romp.

  • Rick Eldredge Jamie Lockhart

  • Michael O'Sullivan Clemment Musgrove

  • Nate Challis Goat

  • Carsen Van der Linden Little Harp

  • Kevin Borcz Big Harp

  • Stephanie Hodson Salome

  • Lauren Ettensohn Rosamund

  • Melody Sellers Goat's Mother

  • Caitlyn Brekke Airie

  • Ryan Gerberding Harp's Bird

  • Lindsay Nevin Landlord