Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson 2014

BBAJ cover pic 2 copy.jpg

Green Valley Theatre Company is proud to present Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson! Shootouts, smallpox and sex scandals—growing up on the American Frontier was killer! Hoping to kick some British ass and the get the stuffy old Founding Fathers to notice the young, progressive Westerners, a youthful Andrew Jackson joins the Army and grows up to become America’s first populist president and the greatest rock star since George Washington.

Your high school history teacher may have told you that it was grit, pluck and idealism that built the American empire, but Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson proposes that it was actually a case of hormones gone wild.

A fast-paced, irreverent, emo-rock musical about the country we live in and the leaders we choose. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson redefines America’s seventh president, a pioneer of humble stock who invented the Democratic Party, destroyed the lives of millions of Indians, divided a nation, and played kick-ass guitar.

This edgy, farcical musical, equal parts sketch comedy, underground rock concert and revisionist history lesson, has a book by Alex Timbers and music and lyrics by Michael Friedman and was wildly popular among critics during its runs both off- and on-Broadway.

Directed By: Christopher Cook
Assistant Director: Jerry Kennedy