The Magic of Ryan Kane

The Magic of Ryan Kane

July 15th @ 8:00 PM
July 16th @ 8:00 PM
July 17th @ 2:00 PM

San Francisco’s current magic champion returns to his hometown of Sacramento for one weekend only.

This review sums up the show better than we ever could:
“Ryan is as funny as a class clown and his show feels like a block party with friends and neighbors. We were carded at the door and given an empty shot glass for when we passed around the 5th of Jack Daniels he pulled out of thin air. (We had to make sure it was real!) Ryan dazzled us with many different kinds of magic, and members of the audience were involved in everything.
“He did lots of stuff I’d never seen before, and he put his own spin on the classics, like a paint ball bullet catch and Chinese interlocking rings with gold wedding bands from the audience! What sets Ryan Kane apart from all the rest is his philosophy that magic should be fun, not melodramatic.
“If he wasn’t funny, it would have been well worth going just for the magic. If he wasn’t magic, the laughs would have been enough. Ryan gives you plenty of both, then throws in the whiskey! More than a show, this is a party with a new friend.
“It was the most fun we had had in years. Do we recommend you go see him? You’d have to be nuts not to!!”
-Alvin Harper

The show runs 95 minutes with one intermission and is, (surprisingly), appropriate for children 8 and up.
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