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  1. Well I’m on my annual way down to Evangelines to back-date my outfits to Baroque times. Others might say “if it ain’t Ba- ro- que , don’t fix-it”. But I suspect you get a kick-back from the costume shops so let’s get this economy spinning into high gear.
    As always our group is looking forward to Opening Night but it only gets better each week end and ends on Halloween, HOW SWEET IS THAT !!!.
    So if you can’t stay up past midnight & must do the 8PM show I won’t see ya but for the “TRUE RH Experience” I suggest you TAKE A NAP and come to the late show and sit in the back row for some abuse.
    I just got back from St. Louis and had the whole bar doing the Time Warp, what a gas, Life is just a jump to the left!!

  2. Well 4 Midnight Shows down and 2 more with the big close on Halloween, time flies with all of this jumping to the left. KUDOS to the Entire cast and certainly to the “Director”. With a special shout out to Meg for Costumes and to Nick & the band for always pumping up the room with great music. Opening Night was full of surprises with many new main charators but as a whole it seemed a little stiff and 2/3rds of the audience was “Virgins”. The beauty of buying 2 tickets to every Midnight Show is you watch it grow. By the Sat nite show, the cast quickly settled into a more comfortable relationship with each other, with even more animated activity and much more engagement with the audience.

    The second weekend, our dear Andy returned to the Audience side (he’s also doing Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors in Rocklin) and scored a show stopping callback with Brad who had to pause or start laughing. I doubt if that will be the last one.

    So those lucky enough to also have tickets, you will be delighted to see Sacramento now has a creative version of a Beach Blanket Babylon(ish) set with mermaids.

    So Bravo !! and well deserved Standing O’s
    Christopher, I thought you had finally lost it when I heard the Theme. All I could imagine was the small stage packed with oversized hoop skirts crashing into each other and the person behind me getting pissed off because I scored a great big Marie Antoinette wig that I can trick up with small hats and veils and a spider decoration accenting the rear curls.
    Well it all works (so far) but not sure that the iconic nude statue can take Janet’s orgasmic shaking more than 2 more nights, I’m looking forward to the moment.

    You have done yourselves and GV Company proud

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