Richard O’Brien’s THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 2014


Join Green Valley Theatre for an exciting Sacramento Halloween tradition.

The ROCKY HORROR SHOW  runs Oct 17 -Nov 1st

at 3823 Vst Sacramento, CA 95817

Oct 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 & Nov 1 @ Midnight

Oct 25, 30 & Nov 1 @ 8pm

5 Responses to Richard O’Brien’s THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 2014

  1. I’m trying to buy 2 tickets to every Midnight Show but the system won’t let me do it and website keeps expiring when I try and do it for each day (pain in the ass). Suggestions?

    6 shows X 2 people= 12 tickets X $18 ea = $216

    So can I come to the theatre with check or credit card? If so when?

    I need to get this fixed so I can go shopping at Evangeline’s

  2. I left a similar comment last night that isn’t showing up so here it is again. I’m trying to buy 2 tickets for every midnight show (12 tickets total by my count). The website won’t allow multiple day buys and when trying 1 day at a time it keeps expiring. So how about I come to theatre with a check or credit card and make it happen. When are you there??

    Gotta go as I feel a great desire to “jump to the left”

  3. For RHPS it is performed infrount of the movie screen? And do the vergins get a “v” put on their foreheads? And can I bring props?

  4. Thanks again for such a masgnificant, creative effort this year to take the show out of the castle and into a tent. Every cast member nailed it. They were also quick to give credit to Chris for his out of the box creative nature, from headlights on the back of Phantoms to Siamese twins for the Narrator.
    Every guest that joined me was overwhelmed by the “professional” cast with all that energy.
    Start the countdown for Rocky 2015 there are still sooooo many virgins to convert.

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