Support GVTC

Green Valley Theatre Company is pleased to announce . . .


Well, we have a fantastic location in West Sac secured, architects completing a bangin’ design, and a few months to get to work.

We have charitable contributions rolling in and large donors generously helping out, but the strength of Green Valley has always been in the grassroots quality of community involvement.

So . . . Here’s the challenge. While we graciously accept any size of donation, if 1000 people out of our extended family each gave only $100 then we would have this theatre built in only a couple of months.

You might not be able to support at the $100 level, but you know someone who can.

Let’s build something fabulous!

Donation Levels

Donate $50 and receive a pair of VIP Backstage Passes to any of our performances

Donate $100 and your name will be engraved on our Founders' Lamppost

Donate $250 and receive 2 season passes for our 2018 season (even though we don't know what it is yet)

Donate $500 and you'll get to name one of the heads on our lobby wall (you know you want to)