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[title of show]

An Original Broadway Musical Music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen Book by Hunter Bell Directed by Mariana Seda Musical Director: David Taylor Jeff and Hunter, two struggling writers, hear about a new musical theatre festival. However, the deadline for submissions is a mere three weeks away. With nothing to lose, the pair decides to try… Continue Reading

Eden After

Spend an evening with Richard Ness, aka Rabbi Dave, as he puts an original twist on original sin and the creation of the world. Sharing his struggles to make sense of life and the divine ever since he faced ten funerals in his first week on the job, he has arrived at a perspective that… Continue Reading

Striking 12 – The Groove Lily Musical

Striking 12 – The Groove Lily Musical

STRIKING 12 is a perfect alternative to standard holiday fare while still being family-friendly. On New Year’s Eve, an over-worked and under-inspired single guy who’s had enough of holiday cheer makes a resolution: to stay home and go to bed early. On another New Year’s Eve, a continent away—and more than a century earlier—Hans Christian… Continue Reading

VerteFée Cabaret – Tales of Forgotten Dreams

VerteFée Cabaret – Tales of Forgotten Dreams

A Bohemian Circus flees Armenia after having banded together and murdered their owner. They take refuge in a Parisian cabaret of dubious merit. The entire theatre is under suspicion due to the recent and unexplained disappearance of their harsh and abusive madam. A leaderless band of dancers, burlesque artists, circus freaks, musicians, and vaudeville dropouts… Continue Reading

The VertFee Cabaret & the Book of Nevertales – May 29&30

Green Valley Theatre Company has revived the time-honored tradition of the cabaret. In this ever-changing and evolving tri-annual show, some of the most talented and depraved performers from Sacramento and beyond cast aside convention (and often their bras). The VerteFée Cabaret is a bohemian, absinthe-soaked extravaganza in spirit of French cabarets and the raunchy, satirized… Continue Reading

Dogfight – The Musical! April 24 – May 17

Dogfight – The Musical! The hauntingly beautiful musical Dogfight by Pasek and Paul (Edges, James And The Giant Peach, A Christmas Story) and Peter Duchan, was praised by countless critics and nominated for numerous awards and won the Lucille Lortel Award for Best Musical. Based on the 1991 Warner Brothers film, Dogfight takes audiences on… Continue Reading

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